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History of Villa Red

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History of Villa Red Otto von Bismarck

The construction of VILLA RED is associated with the figure of the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who, delighted with Ustka and the surrounding area, commissioned the construction of a summer residence for his family.
The historic villa is perfectly suited to the hotel function. The interiors and surroundings enchant with a manor style reminiscent of bygone times. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the Ustka beach and promenade.

Villa Red Ustka - an unforgettable holiday

We have transformed the historic interiors of the historic villa of the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck into the atmospheric interiors of a picturesquely situated guesthouse. The carefully restored rooms delight with their arrangements that allow you to feel the breeze of the nineteenth-century Ustka. Stylish furniture, elegant accessories and attention to detail make the interior of Villa Red in Ustka unforgettable. However, not only the design of our interiors is unique. The surroundings of the property and its exterior have also been carefully restored, without losing the charm of the old days. The history of the place dates back to 1886, so it is felt at every step. Beautifully restored interiors, unique furniture and the unique character of the place make the stay in our Villa in Ustka unique. It is in vain to look for another such facility, not only on the Polish coast - it is unique on a European scale. The building owes its name to its characteristic red color. The historical atmosphere of the place is not its only advantage, however. Do you want to know all its charms? Visit the remarkable Red Villa located in a great location in Ustka.

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Ustka yesterday and today
The first records of Ustka date back to the 14th century (formerly Stolpmunde). The three main livelihoods of Ustka's inhabitants are depicted in its coat of arms. They were: fishing, shipping and tourism. The first information about arriving tourists comes from 1832. For them, baths, a seaside promenade (1875) and a railway were built. Until 1945, most visitors to Ustka came from the Berlin agglomeration, Saxony and Silesia. Today, Ustka is a bustling with life resort, often referred to as the "summer capital of Poland".

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